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Even if we are not in charge of your books, we can take care of your taxes. Beside our tax compliance service, we can also perform tax research or assist you during tax audits.



Tax assistance – Corporation


This engagement takes place throughout the year with two main steps. First, we will quarterly determine the estimated taxes that your company needs to pay. Second, we will prepare and file (electronic or paper) your annual tax returns. If your books are not done and validated in the next 2 months and half following the end of the year, we will request an extension allowing us to extend the deadline for filing your tax returns (within six months in most cases).


In addition to corporate taxes, your business may be subject to other taxes, such as sales tax, use tax or commercial rent tax or property tax. Depending on threshold, those returns must be filed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. We will help you to determine your overall tax liability and file on time all reports that your company must prepare.


Additionally to these taxes, some forms can be informative and need to be filed throughout the year (ex: 1099, 1042, …). The first example must be filed within 30 to 60 days of the following calendar year to inform the IRS about amounts paid during the calendar year to self-employed individuals or to certain categories of professional such as lawyers. The second example results from the application of bilateral tax treaties. Indeed, during the payment of dividends, interests or royalties, the payer may be subject to both the filing of a 1042 statement and a withholding tax.



Tax assistance – Individual


This engagement often begins after the end of the calendar year when you want to file your tax returns to the tax authorities. However, it is better to contact us throughout the year to inform us of any changes in your situation (ex: marriage, divorce, birth of a child, change of status from employee to self-employed, change of job, unemployment, purchase of a principal residence, sale of a property in France, gift, inheritance, ...) so that we can anticipate the tax consequences of those events.


Some taxpayers may have to pay quarterly installments in addition to taxes withheld on their wages or on their business activity as self-employed. To avoid any penalties, it is important to contact us so that we can estimate your taxes and determine if you have to pay quarterly installments.


If you realize that your prior/ previous year’s tax return is incorrect or incomplete, we can assist you and prepare amended returns. We can achieve this mission even if we were not in charge of the returns originally filed.



Tax research


While working on your taxes, we may have to do some researches to make sure that you are filing all the returns you need to file. You can also contact us directly if you would like our firm to perform a research on a specific topic. Our mission will be to write a detailed memo with illustrations.



Tax audit assistance


The American tax authorities may send you three types of letters. The first is a simple statement of your situation and requires no specific action (ex: income tax statement of payments made during the year). The second is a request for additional information (ex: a form in the return filed is missing so that the tax authority cannot record the returns). The third type of letter concerns a tax audit or a partial/total rejection of the returns filed.


In the last two cases, our firm can assist you and represent you before the tax jurisdictions in order to solve the issue. This mission is possible even if we were not in charge of the preparation of the tax returns being rejected or for which additional information is required.

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