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If your company has employee(s), we can assist you by being your intermediary with your payroll provider. Depending on your needs, we can also perform additional works (estimation of your employees’ cost, tax equalization for one of your employee, …). You will find below an explanation of the engagements we offer.



Payroll assistance


Our firm will not directly prepare the pay slips or the periodic payroll tax returns. We will act as an intermediary between your company and the payroll provider of your choice. We will have to determine the timing of this engagement before it can start.


We will also assist you to make sure that all mandatory payroll compliances are respected by your company.



Analysis and computation of wages


As part of our international experience, we can assist you in several other payroll areas, such as preparing wage equalization between the French and the American systems or comparative analysis between hiring an employee or contracting with an independent contractor.

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