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Experience makes the difference

After passing my diploma of certified public accountant (CPA) on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, I founded my own firm, called usXpertise. Backed by various experiences in both international CPA firms and medium companies specialized in the implementation of U.S. subsidiaries of French groups, I imagined offering a new range of services.


During the creation of a subsidiary abroad, decision-making centers and support functions often remain in France. Based on this observation and my strong French American experiences, I designed for my clients a range of services tailored to their needs. Combining anticipation, responsiveness and proximity, my approach will enable officers to keep contact with their subsidiary and to feel close to the American reality. For each customer’s specific needs and expectations, we offer a fitted service. Our range of engagements is described in the tab called "Our services". We are not specialized; our customers come from diverse and varied backgrounds.


Our philosophy is summed up in these few words: quality, anticipation, proximity, experience and commitment. Your success is the focus of our attention. usXpertise was established in response to recurrent requests and is rooted in the desire to anticipate customers’ demands and being prospective. Our response will allow you to track your investment closely and take appropriate development decisions.


Our main skills are:


Preparation and filing of the following tax forms: 1120, 1120-F, 1120-S, 1065, 1040, 1040NR, consolidated tax returns and amended tax returns


Tax research on diverse and varied topics (ex: tax filing requirement: nexus/physical presence; analysis of tax treaties; sales tax or use tax; ... )


Assistance during tax audits or preparation of letters in response to a request for additional information from a tax jurisdiction


Accounting assistance from full bookkeeping service to preparation of the financial statements or accounting review engagement


Advisory (comparative analysis of different types of structure, analysis of tax consequences, establish a business plan, ... )


Preparation of a periodic consolidation package.


We do not do financial audit engagements.



Benoît Lespérat, CPA

Graduate of the French CPA

American CPA

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