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usXpertise offers a wide range of accounting services. Depending on your needs, we can take care of a limited part of your books or do all the bookkeeping. You will find below an explanation of the engagements we offer.





Before starting this engagement, we will define together the tasks that we have to perform and those that remain your responsibility. We can also share the bookkeeping if you think it is more efficient for your company. Our IT tools allow us to work efficiently by sharing accounting information. The bookkeeping generally includes the following:

-       Recording purchase invoices

-       Recording sales invoices

-       Recording the bank statements (bank accounts, credit cards, ...)

-       Preparing a bank reconciliation for each bank account

-       Recording payroll entries

-       Recording various operations such as cut-off entries

-       Recording tax entries



Cash management assistance


If you wish, usXpertise can take care of your cash deposits (checks received from customers) and send payments to suppliers. Depending on your bank options, we can pay your suppliers by bank transfers or checks. To achieve this engagement, you must give us a limited and defined access to your bank accounts.



Preparing periodic reporting


In order to have an efficient monitoring of your company, usXpertise can prepare a periodic accounting report. This report will be defined between your company and our firm and will be prepared to match your requirements. We will need to define the periodicity and the delivery date of the report.



Preparation of financial statements


This mission is the culmination of your fiscal year. Once all the entries are recorded, we will prepare the financial statements of your company. To fully satisfy your needs, we can define with you the format you wish to receive and the date you want to obtain this information.


If your American company is to be consolidated at group level, we can also prepare a consolidation package. This mission can also be carried out during the preparation of periodic reports.



Limited accounting review


This mission should be defined in a specific engagement letter and will lead to the establishment of a special report. Without taking part in your bookkeeping, our firm will be in charge of the review of the annual financial statements and / or periodic reports. This engagement will not be a financial audit, but an accounting review.

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