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Business law

Our firm can assist you at any time during your project’s life. Legally, we can help you to create your company and prepare recurring administrative forms to be sent to different jurisdictions. If our firm cannot fully assist you, we will introduce you to international lawyers.



Creating your company


We can both help you choose the type of structure that best suits your activity, your constraints and your shareholders. This choice will be even more important since it may have tax consequences. As a CPA, we can assist you on all correlations around your choice of structure (accounting, tax, payroll, ...). When your choice is endorsed, we will assist you in creating your company. We won’t directly create your entity, but we will do it through a third-party company.



Legal formalisms


Depending on the type of company you have created and the state(s) in which the company is registered, certain legal formalities must be done every year or every two years. Our mission is to assist you in identifying the formalities and preparing and filing all of these forms on time. A company which is not in good standing with a State may incur penalties but also a possible radiation from the State.

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